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Professor Zombsworth

Professor Zombsworth

“Professor Zombsworth” mixed media illustration, 2016. Prints available here!

Good News Everyone!

Professor Zombsworth is Undead

Hubert J. Farnsworth (born April 9, 2841), better known as Professor Zombsworth or the Professor, is the proprietor of the Planet Express delivery service. He is pushing the limits of even the 31st century at an agе of well over 160. Professor Zombsworth is one of six living relatives of Fry, together with his own clone, Cubert, as well as his only son by means of his sexual relations with Mom while he worked for her, Igner. He has a brother named Floyd, also his parents are still alive. He is Fry’s nephew thirty times over. Though never stated, he is therefore logically the descendant of Fry’s only sibling, Yancy Fry, Jr. However, since it is revealed that Fry is his own grandfather and therеfore Yancy’s grandfather, due to his time-traveling exploits, Professor Farnsworth is logically in fact Fry’s direct descendant via his brother/grandson Yancy. So the six include: himself, Cubert, Igner, Floyd, Velma and Ned Farnsworth.

Professor Zombsworth is a senile, deranged, as well as unpredictable old man who is both a maniac and a genius who was born in prison as mentioned in “Overclockwise”. He has a gift and passion for the creation of Doomsday Devices and Atomic Supermen and is a danger to himself, his employees, as well as the Universe in general. He has put at least one parallel universe in peril with his inventions.

When he was a teenager he was put in a mental institute but got out 25 years later. Professor Zombsworth formerly worked for Mom’s Friendly Robot Company and taught at Mars University. He currently spends the majority of his time inventing ridiculous devices and coming up with equally ridiculous and suicidal missions for his crew members.

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