Good News, Everyone!: Enter the Ghastly World of Zombie Hermes Conrad

Embark on a harrowing journey into the depths of horror as the beloved Hermes Conrad from the animated series “Futurama” is resurrected in an eerie transformation known as “Good News, Everyone!” by the masterful artist Albert F. Montoya Jr. Prepare to be both intrigued and unsettled as Montoya’s mixed media illustration unravels the once-ordinary bureaucrat’s descent into the realm of the undead.

Hermes Conrad, the rigid yet endearing Jamaican accountant of Planet Express, has undergone a spine-chilling metamorphosis in Montoya’s haunting artwork. Step into the shadows and bear witness to the nightmarish fusion of science fiction and horror that unfolds before your eyes.

Montoya’s meticulous attention to detail captures the essence of Zombie Hermes Conrad with unnerving precision. The disheveled remains of his once-dapper attire hang loosely on his decaying frame, a stark reminder of the life he left behind. His lifeless eyes, once filled with pragmatism and wisdom, now gleam with an unholy glow, hinting at the sinister forces that animate him.

The artist’s mastery shines through in the subtle nuances of Hermes’s zombified form. His flesh, now rotting and withered, exposes the underlying skeletal structure, embodying the fragility of his existence. His limbs, once used for precise paperwork and bureaucratic gestures, now convulse with unnatural rigor mortis, reaching out in a grotesque dance of the macabre.

As you delve deeper into Montoya’s artistic creation, you’ll notice the remnants of Hermes’s signature accessories, now transformed into emblems of his ghastly state. His iconic bureaucrat’s tie hangs limply around his decaying neck, while his trusty calculator, once an instrument of order, now emits a dim, flickering light, a symbol of the chaos that now consumes him.

“Good News, Everyone!” stands as a testament to the dark allure of the undead, where the mundane is twisted into something sinister. Montoya’s chilling masterpiece invites you to confront the haunting transformation of Hermes Conrad, where bureaucracy meets horror in a bone-chilling union.

Prepare yourself to be mesmerized and unnerved as you bear witness to the resurrection of Hermes Conrad in the form of “Good News, Everyone!” Brace yourself for a journey into the heart of darkness, where the familiar becomes unsettling and the mundane becomes a chilling nightmare. Succumb to the eerie allure of this captivating artwork and prepare to be forever haunted by the haunting visage of Zombie Hermes Conrad.

Mixed media illustration, 2017. Art prints available here!